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Guidance Along the Way

Raleigh Kids is here to help our clients understand how all areas of their lives are interconnected by design, including social, emotional, biological, relational, work-related, and spiritual areas. Through the utilization of evidence-based techniques that align with a Christian worldview, Raleigh Kids partners with families and individuals for treatment. We begin each client's counseling journey with an initial consultation. During the consultation you can expect a thorough gathering of information, time to ask questions, a discussion of counseling goals, and recommendations for next step services. As part of the counseling processing, our providers can help clients 1) Identify strengths, weaknesses, and spiritual gifts, 2) Identify and process struggles, 3) Evaluate discipleship, 4) Improve support systems, and 5) Learn skills. We want to come alongside our clients as they walk through difficult circumstances, and remind them they are not alone. We are here to partner with you, encourage you, and point you to the ultimate hope.

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